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Idioma: Portugese
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Oficiales: samantha (Administrator)

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Por MBeatrice8 el 29/09/2015 04:48:52 p.m.
where is Brazil going?

What do you think about Dilma? Will she stay until 2018? Is it possible?


Por FLima1724 el 29/09/2015 05:48:07 p.m.
RE: where is Brazil going?
BIG Disaster !!!!!!!!
Por MBeatrice8 el 30/09/2015 09:59:01 a.m.
RE: where is Brazil going?
We have a big problem for next years.
Por RSALES325 el 20/10/2015 03:01:40 p.m.
RE: RE: where is Brazil going?
She can´t stay in 2018 'cause she will not be able to be voted. In her place, I think that Lula will be a PT candidate for presidence run. But I don´t believe that he wins.